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Sons Of Anarchy Season 4-06 ‘With An X’ Recap

As predicted, the blood has started to run as Sons Of Anarchy hits the halfway point in its forth season. People's true colours are starting to show as the brilliant creator Kurt Sutter explores how far people will go to protect their families, their club and even more so, themselves.
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As predicted, the blood has started to run as Sons Of Anarchy hits the halfway point in its forth season. People’s true colours are starting to show as the brilliant creator Kurt Sutter explores how far people will go to protect their families, their club and even more so, themselves.

Episode six picks up right where five left off, with The Sons and the Myans realizing someone has taken one of the bricks of cocaine. After some heated words, they all deliberate and The Sons are given a day to come up with the cocaine and the body of the person who did it. Clay and Jax believe that the only possible people that could have taken it are Juice and Miles.

Back at the club house, Tara and Gemma find that everyone’s most hated porn star, Ima, has spent the night. After some words, she is told to leave. As Gemma and Tara head to the car park they find Lyla, who says Opie didn’t come home the night before. They immediately put two and two together and go back into the club house to stop Lyla rom finding Ima.

After Ima admits she slept with Opie, Lyla attempts to knock her out, but Ima pulls a gun and leaves. We then see the boys back at the warehouse, putting the cocaine suspects through another test of loyalty, to see which one of them took the drugs. They are handed what they are told is a loaded gun and told to play a nice little game of Russian Roulette. Both pull the trigger and both live. The boys then get a call, letting them know there is trouble back at the club house with Ima.

We then come back to Tig and his daughter, who are having a heart to heart. His daughter asks him for $12,000 for a treatment facility for her sister. Moments later, Jax, Opie and Clay arrive back at the club house to deal with what happened with Ima. Upon arrival, Opie gets hit in the face by his father, who clearly disapproves of him cheating on his wife.

Jax speaks to Tara who is clearly upset by the incident with Ima. Tara re-enforces that she disapproves of the whole lifestyle, and that she doesn’t want to get hurt. After she leaves, Gemma suggests that Jacks makes sure Ima doesn’t ‘happen again.’ Outside the club house Clay finds Unser asleep in his truck, when he is meant to be tailing Tara. Clay tells Unser that he better come up with a solution to their problem, because if Clay goes down, so does Unser.

Opie finds Lyla and confesses that he did sleep with Ima, but only to get back at Lyla after Opie found her birth control. Lyla admits that last year, she had an abortion. An infuriated Opie tells Lyla that his mother will take his kids and she needs to tell Opie what she wants.

Back with Juice, Happy and Jibs question him on whether him having a black wife ever effected his position in the club, a question Jibs finds peculiar. Jibs then tells Juice that they have to kill one of their cocaine suspects, as the cartel want a body. Juice urges Jibs for more time, telling the suspects that when they come back in they need an answer.

Meanwhile, Unser confides in Sheriff Roosevelt that he believes Tara’s life may be in danger. However, when the sheriff pushes for more information, Unser declines.

Juice uncovers the cocaine, where he left it, and leaves a small note under the rocks where it was hidden. On his way back he runs into Miles, who cut across the bush to get back to the warehouse. Miles sees the cocaine in Juice’s pants and immediately pulls a gun on him. Juice says that he can explain, but Miles tells him to explain to the club.

Juice then throw the brick of cocaine at Miles and Miles shoots Juice in the leg. He starts frantically looks for the cocaine before seeing Juice trying to get up. Miles punches Juice in the leg before pulling a knife but then Juice unloads the gun into Miles face. Juice quickly places the cocaine in Miles hands right before Happy and Jibs rush over. Juice explains it was Miles who had the cocaine and that he tried to kill Juice.

As Jax, Clay and Opie arrive,Jibs explains the situation and Opie is surprised that Miles of all people took the cocaine, saying it just didn’t make sense. Gemma then informs Tig, back at the club house that, she has spoken to the mother of his daughters, and that his second daughter is fine, and her sister is playing him.

As the cartel arrive the Sons give them their product before Clay requests a word with Romeo. He asks him to find someone that can kill Tara, as she has potentially damaging information, though Clay won’t elaborate any further. Romeo tells him that he will handle it.

Tig gives his daughter the money, as he knows it will bring her back for more. Meanwhile, Jibs takes Juice to get stitched up by Tara, and even though nothing is said, you can tell he finds something fishy about the situation. Elsewhere, Jax meets up with Ima, slamming her head into her dressing room table and telling her to steer clear from the club and his family.

The episode then ends with a montage between these three stories as someone is typing a letter meant for Tara, threatening to kill her. We then see a person drop the letter in her car, only to find it was Unser who created the letter, not as a treat, but to let Tara know she is in danger. And with that, the episode ends.

The secrets of the past are being dug up and this season is the most in depth so far. How Kurt Sutter creates these amazing storylines time after time is quite astounding and these last few weeks of season four may have been his best work yet.

We can only assume that what Mr. Sutter has in store for us, will create more twist and turns in what I can honestly say is the best written television show I have ever watched.

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