Sons Of Anarchy Season 4-09 ‘Kiss’ Recap

As the plot thickens, Sons Of Anarchy continues to explore where people’s loyalties truly lie. As the characters begin to find out just how much deception and greed their lives and their club is built on, we begin to feel the foreboding of a climactic event of biblical proportions.

Episode nine kicks of with Chibs finding Jax and letting him know that Juice tried to kill himself and that he isn’t taking Miles’ death well. Though Jax tells Chibs he’ll try and help Juice, he also lets him know that if the club finds out, Juice will be out.  At the meeting with the cartel Jax and Clay work out that Leroy and his gang The Niners may be linked with the other cartel. Jax and Clay let the Luis know that they’ll set a meet today and he informs them that they’ll have back up.

As Jax and Clay explain the situation to the club over breakfast, Clay gets a phone call from The Irish who, after some negotiating, agree to come stateside to meet with the Galindo cartel and talk to them about the possibility of expanding the gun trade.

Meanwhile, at the club house, where Juice is sweeping for bugs, Roosevelt arrives and tells him he need more intel. However, a broken Juice lets Roosevelt know that he’s out.

Tara lets her boss know that she’s heading up to Oregon to the hospital conference. Tara asks her to hold on to some copies of the letters and give them to Jax on the off chance something happens to her, however when she opens her desk draw, she finds that the copies of the letters have been taken.

At the station Roosevelt tells Linc Potter that Juice will no longer work for them but Potter encourages Roosevelt to keep pushing him. Potter then shows Roosevelt a recording on Bobby and Otto at the the prison where Bobby tells Otto that they killed Georgie Caruso, who is suspected of killing Otto’s wife. Potter then shows Roosevelt photos of Caruso alive and well.

At the meeting with The Niners, SAMCRO finds out that the Niners have been dealing with the opposing cartel and after some push from Galindo, and smart talking from Jax, Leroy agrees to set up a meet for Galindo to ambush.

Gemma, who can’t contact Piney, goes up to the cabin where she finds his body slumped to the ground. She calls Unser for help and it becomes completely obvious to Gemma and Unser that Clay was the person who killed Piney.

Though Unser wants to call the murder in and have Clay picked up, Gemma convinces him to try and let her help Clay. Unser agrees and tells Gemma he will try and make it out to looks like this was a cartel murder, as Clay wrote a cartel sign on a photo in the cabin.

At the meet with the Niners, an angered Luis tries to make a statement but Jax’s diplomatic solution saves Leroy and the other Niners. Luis then pulls Clay aside and gives him a phone with the speed dial for a “private contractor” to kill Tara.

Tara confronts Gemma in the TM office, who admits that she asked Unser to take the letters. Tara admits to Gemma that she wants out and the only reason she didn’t let Jax read the letters is that she knows it would drive him further into the club and make him kill Clay. When Tara ask Gemma if she knew that Clay tried to kill JT, she lies saying she has no idea if it was Clay. As Tara leaves the office, she lets Gemma know that she and the children are heading up to Oregon tomorrow.

Linc Potter once again presses Otto for information, but it still leaves us up in the air on whether Otto will fold, even after he finds out Georgie Caruso is still alive. Back at the station, Roosevelt brings Juice in and allows him to meet Linc Potter.

Back at the club house Bobby tells Jax that he shouldn’t leave the club and that Clay told him that he’s jumping out. Though Jax tells Bobby that he’s trying to change, Bobby tells him that he can’t fight it, being a part of SAMCRO is who is.

Potter tells Juice that Otto will turn against the club and they will bring down Sons Of Anarchy and the Galindo Catel. However, Potter tells Juice that he needs to find out when the Cartel are sitting down with the IRA, as Potter’s main goal is the destruction of the the real IRA.

That night at the club house, Gemma confesses to Clay that she knows he killed Piney and that he read the letters. She tells him that she spoke to Tara and that she will never tell Jax about the letters because she knows that she’d loose him. Clay promises to Gemma that he won’t hurt Tara.

At home, Jax tells Tara that he will drive her and the kids up to Oregon and that he’s out of the club. He only has to tie up a few loose ends and then they’re free.

The episode then closes on Gemma leaving Teller-Morrow carnage and Clay standing in the driveway, as he dials the phone the cartel gave him for the hit on Tara.

Selfishness is reigning supreme this season and every single character is tiptoeing or jumping right over several moral lines. It’s becoming hard to tell where people will land when the dust settles and I’m sure Kurt Sutter will keep us guessing until the very last episode. As the show begins to wrap up its four season, this perfectly crafted television series still has us on the edge of our seats begging for more and I simply can’t wait to see how it all ends.

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