It Sounds Like This Captain America And Daredevil Villain Is Coming To Jessica Jones


While Wil Traval may be listed as “NYPD Cop” on IMDb, it was revealed during the New York Comic-Con this weekend that he’ll actually be playing a character called “Simpson” in the first season of Jessica Jones.

In the video above, the actor reveals that his character is based on post-Vietnam War super-soldiers (though he’s been somewhat “reinvented” for the show). If any of this rings a bell, it’s likely because in the comic books, Frank Simpson was the result of an attempt to recreate the process that created Captain America. That, of course, led to the creation of the villain known as Nuke, and it sounds like this could be Traval’s role in the highly anticipated series, which hits Netflix on November 20th.


With the American flag tattooed on his face, and believing he is still fighting in the Vietnam war, the highly unstable Nuke has been conditioned to blindly follow any orders his superiors give. That’s led to him clashing with any number of heroes over the years, including Captain America and Daredevil.

His connection with the latter is particularly interesting, especially as Nuke was hired to take out Matt Murdock during the epic and iconic “Born Again” storyline which featured The Kingpin attempting to mentally and physically break Daredevil. Could the character’s introduction in Jessica Jones lead to him appearing in a similar role in season three of Daredevil?

We’ll have to wait and see, but it certainly sounds like fans should keep an eye on him in Jessica Jones!