South Park Creators Say They’ll “Back Off” From Poking Fun At Donald Trump


Over the past couple of years, South Park has found great success with serialized seasons and a slow-burning storyline which has seen former school teacher, Mr. Garrison, become a Donald Trump proxy that the series has used to mercilessly bash the current President of the United States.

However, in a twist that’s fair to say that no one will have seen coming, South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone have now revealed that they’re planning on backing off from lampooning arguably the biggest personality in American politics right now. Considering the fact that they could probably get a season’s worth of stories from the past week alone, why are they doing this?

Well, it’s not because they’re fans of the President. Instead, they just don’t see how they could possibly top his real-life antics in the animated series.

“It’s tricky and it’s really tricky now as satire has become reality. We were really trying to make fun of what was going on [last season] but we couldn’t keep up. What was actually happening was way funnier than anything we could come up with. So we decided to just back off and let [politicians] do their comedy and we’ll do ours.”

While some South Park fans might argue that this is a missed opportunity, the show has dedicated a lot of time to politics over the past couple of years, so moving on from that might not necessarily be a bad thing. Garrison will likely still appear, but it doesn’t seem as if we’ll be getting a season-long storyline dedicated to him in any way. It’s going to be a while before South Park returns, but when it does, it’s clear that it may be a very different sort of show to what we’ve experienced in recent years.

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