Key Jessica Jones Character Spotted On The Set of Luke Cage


Still with us? Good.

According to Latino-Review, Jessica Jones villain Killgrave/Purple Man (David Tennant) has been spotted on the set of Luke Cage. This not only confirms that he makes it out of her show alive, but also that he’s going to have a much larger role in these series than initially anticipated.


In the comics, Purple Man turns Jessica into his slave with the use of what are essentially mind control abilities. That experience leaves the hero traumatized and leads to her giving up the life of a superhero, but whether that’s going to also be the case at some point in Jessica Jones has yet to be revealed. Still, with Killgrave showing up in Luke Cage,who knows how the story will unfold. For all we know, the scenes being shot today could be flashbacks.

Frustratingly then, this is one of those wait and see scenarios. What do you think this means for Jessica Jones though? Let us know your thoughts and theories below, and be sure to re-watch the first teaser for the show by clicking here.