Star-studded Disney Plus superhero comedy ‘Extraordinary’ under production

When it comes to Disney Plus, the streaming service certainly does not hold back when it comes to recruiting top talent for their forthcoming shows and movies.

We’re now getting the news that the platform has cast a number of stars for a superhero comedy called Extraordinary, which began filming Wednesday, Deadline reports.

Included in the roster is Máiréad Tyers, star of Kenneth Branagh’s upcoming film Belfast, who will play the lead in the series.  Poldark’s Sofia Oxenham and Derry Girls’  Siobhán McSweeney also co-star.

Production began Wednesday for the eight-part irreverent comedy.

Tyers will play Jen, a young and painfully self-aware woman who inhabits a world where everyone has a superpower but her. Oxenham will play Jen’s best friend Carrie and McSweeney will play Jen’s mother. Rising stars Bilal Hasna and Luke Rollason, as well as The Origin‘s Safia Oakley-Green, and Snatch‘s Robbie Gee will also co-star in the show.

The show represents one of the first British-based originals unveiled for Disney Plus, alongside The Ballad of Renegade Nell and Wedding Season.

Extraordinary is filming around London and is penned by debut writer Emma Moran.

We’re open to a zany comedy about superheroes being a daily occurrence, with one outcast being left out of what is supposedly normal, even if the premise sounds somewhat familiar to the Disney film Encanto. However, given the fact that there’s a whole slew of superhero franchises that take on a “realism” angle that continues to come across as fresh, such as everything from Watchmen to The Incredibles and The Boys, we’re confident a Disney Plus take on the premise with that dry British wit certainly has potential to bring the chuckles.