‘Star Trek: Deep Space Nine’ actors reveal what it would take for them to do ‘Picard’

Star Trek: Picard
Image via CBS

There have been quite a few notable cameos on the Paramount Plus series Picard, and now two stars of a classic Star Trek series have divulged what it would take for them to do the same.

During a recent Star Trek Mission Chicago panel, via CinemaBlend, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine stars Nana Visitor and Chase Masterson opened up about what would get them to appear in the latest Star Trek show.

Visitor played Kira Nerys in DS9, a Bajorian who’s the second in command at the station. She said she would go back and do the show if it was done the right way.

I would love it, but I would want to know that there was some kind of continuity, that it would really matter. I mean, there are some jobs where, they’re jobs, and I go, ‘It’s all right.’ I do [acting] jobs for different reasons. Star Trek is something else, and the relationship with the audience is something else. I really do feel the responsibility. So, unless it was a certain thing, a certain way, certain writers, I would be concerned. Would I want to? Do I want Ira Steven Behr to write one and say, ‘Nana, come back,’? Yes.”

Masterson played Leeta, a Bajorian that works in Quark’s bar. She marries Rom and becomes the First Lady of Ferenginar. She said she would want Leeta to tackle an important social issue.

I would want to make sure that Leeta- I don’t think they need me anymore to be any kind of thing other than a strong character. And I think if it had to do with social justice, it could work. But anything else, I think we’ve already done that. I think moving along the social justice narrative in terms of Latinum not being the focus on Ferenginar. That, I’d like to do.”

Picard has been stacked with nostalgic cameos so far, notably John de Lancie’s Q from Star Trek: The Next Generation and Guinan, played by Whoopi Goldberg.

The second season of Picard is currently streaming on Paramount Plus, and with a finale set for May 5, there’s the opportunity for plenty more familiar faces to pop up.