Star Trek: Discovery Cast And Crew Say The Season 2 Finale Is Bananas


Tonight, Star Trek: Discovery airs the first half of its two-part season 2 finale, titled “Such Sweet Sorrow,” and the cast and the crew have been taking to Twitter to hype up the episode. Apparently, we’re in for a thrilling hour that can only be described as “bananas.”

At least, that’s according to the Star Trek Writers Twitter account, which wrote: “Y’all aren’t ready for the two-part [f]inale episodes!” before revealing that co-writer and co-showrunner, from season 3 onwards, Michelle Paradise said: “It’s [insert banana emojis]!”

Cmdr. Saru himself, Doug Jones, also boarded the hype train. Sharing a promo image of his Kelpien character, he said: “With our impending threat, but no ganglia, these final 2 episodes of @startrekcbs are a thrill ride for me as Commander Saru!! What is to become of Starship Discovery and her crew? Find out more on our all new episode 2.13 TONIGHT!!”

Trek fans should be prepared for something special in these episodes as well in the form of the debut of the bridge of the U.S.S. Enterprise. The show has featured three crew members of the famous Starfleet ship all season but they’ve held back on giving us a glimpse at the iconic vessel…until now.

As the title of the episode alludes to, Discovery will be saying goodbye to some key cast members in the finale, as Anson Mount’s Captain Pike, Ethan Peck’s Spock and Rebecca Romijn’s Number One must return to the Enterprise full-time so as not to blow a hole in the Star Trek continuum. Fans have grown so attached to them, though, that there’s already a petition calling for a Pike spinoff series. Are you listening, CBS?

For more, here’s the synopsis for “Such Sweet Sorrow,” which warns of tough times ahead for Burnham and the rest of the Discovery crew.

“When the USS Discovery‘s crucial mission does not go according to plan, Burnham realizes what must ultimately be done. The crew prepares for the battle of a lifetime as Leland’s Control ships get closer.”

Be sure to catch the final episodes of Star Trek: Discovery season 2, starting tonight on CBS All Access.