Star Trek: Discovery Is Losing Two Major Cast Members


Star Trek: Discovery has already been renewed for a third season on CBS. After a first outing that was met with mixed reviews and fan reaction, almost everyone can agree that the show has finally found its groove as of late, earning much praise from critics for season 2 and continuing to pull back viewers week after week.

As exciting as it is though to know that we’re getting more Discovery after this current run finishes up, we do have some unfortunate news to share with you today. And that’s that according to Deadline, the show will be losing two major cast members in season 3. Specifically, we’re talking about Anson Mount, who joined the series as Captain Christopher Pike of the USS Enterprise, and Rebecca Romijn, who plays Number One, a member of Pike’s crew.

From what we understand, both actors only had a one-year deal and were hired solely for a season 2 arc in an effort to sync up Discovery with The Original Series as it heads into season 3. And while it’ll definitely be sad to see them go, it’s nice to know that at least their storylines will be completed.

Despite the cancellation of the Kelvinverse movies after a pay dispute with actors Chris Hemsworth and Chris Pine, the future’s still looking pretty rosy for Star Trek at the moment. Aside from the excellent second season of Discovery, the Picard series begins filming soon and there’s also an animated Nickelodeon show in production.

Then, further down the road, we can also look forward to the fascinatingly strange notion of a Quentin Tarantino-directed Star Trek film. We’ll have all the information on those – and whatever other Star Trekrelated projects CBS are cooking up – as soon as more surfaces, but in the meantime, you can catch the next episode of Discovery on March 21st.