New Star Trek: Discovery Season 2 Photo Teases A Possible Pike Romance


Star Trek: Discovery will be bringing back a few familiar characters with new faces in its upcoming sophomore run. As well as Ethan Peck joining the cast as a younger version of Spock than we’ve seen before, Anson Mount’s taking over the reins of the U.S.S. Discovery as its new captain, Christopher Pike. And hopping aboard alongside will be Number One, as played by Rebecca Romijn.

Longtime Trekkies will know that both Pike and Number One hail from the pilot for The Original Series, “The Cage” – both characters were written out of the main cast for the rest of the show but Pike has shown up throughout the franchise since. Number One, however, hasn’t, even though she was played by Majel Barrett, the real-life wife of Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry.

Discovery has a lot of freedom to flesh out the pair’s relationship, then, and it seems that season 2 just might introduce a romance between the duo. TVLine debuted a new promo image of the new run, which sees Pike and Number One dining together in the mess hall and there seems to be a lingering look going on between them, something TVLine noted in their description of the pic.

In contrast to the duplicitous Captain Gabriel Lorca (Jason Isaacs) in season 1, Captain Pike will be the heroic, dependable leader that the crew of the Discovery need. Sonequa Martin-Green has explained that Pike will help restore her character Michael Burnham and the rest’s faith in both their mission and Starfleet.

As for Number One, Romijn has revealed that she leapt at the chance to play a character with a history in the franchise but who also has much unexplored about her like Number One, admitting that she got teary-eyed the first time she put on the old-fashioned golden uniform.

Be sure to catch Star Trek: Discovery season 2 when it blasts onto CBS All Access on January 17th.