Star Trek: Discovery’s Latest Episode Is The Franchise’s 800th Entry

Star Trek: Discovery

With just one outing left to go of its third season, Star Trek: Discovery has reached a monumental milestone for the Trek franchise. Episode 3×12 “There Is A Tide…” can be classified as the 800th entry in the sci-fi juggernaut’s canon. If you include every instalment of the various previous Trek series and all the theatrical movies (so just the screen content, and not the many comics, novels and games out there), you get 37 seasons’ worth of television spread across 10 TV shows as well as 13 movies, spanning 54 years.

Here’s the full breakdown of every piece of screen Trek media, which explains how you get to the total number:

Star Trek: The Original Series – 79 episodes
Star Trek: The Animated Series – 22 episodes
Star Trek: The Original Series movies – 6 films
Star Trek: The Next Generation – 178 episodes
Star Trek: The Next Generation movies – 4 films
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine – 176 episodes
Star Trek: Voyager – 172 episodes
Star Trek: Enterprise – 98 episodes
Star Trek Kelvin Timeline movies – 3 films
Star Trek: Discovery – 41 episodes
Star Trek: Short Treks – 10 episodes
Star Trek: Picard – 10 episodes
Star Trek: Lower Decks – 10 episodes

If you’ve done the math, you’ll notice that this adds up to 809. But 10 of these must be subtracted due to being one half of a two-parter from either The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager or Enterprise. That’s 799, then, which goes up to 800 when you remember “The Cage,” the unaired pilot for The Original Series which has only become a firmer part of canon thanks to DIS.

Pretty soon that total will go up to 801 as the Discovery season 3 finale airs next week. Before long, it’ll then race towards 900 and even 1000 as we’ve got plenty of new Trek in development. Namely, DIS season 4, Lower Decks season 2, more Short Treks, Picard season 2 and new projects like Strange New Worlds, starring Anson Mount’s Captain Pike, Prodigy, the Nickelodeon animated series, and Section 31, featuring DIS‘ Philippa Georgiou (Michelle Yeoh).

Star Trek: Discovery 3×13 “That Hope Is You, Part 2” (the title calls back to the season opener) drops on CBS All Access next Thursday, January 7th.