Star Trek: Picard May’ve Just Teased The Death Of [SPOILERS]

Star Trek: Picard

This week’s episode of Star Trek: Picard was one of the most action-filled to date, with Patrick Stewart’s character having to deal with his memories of being part of the Borg. The mission of the La Sirena crew to locate Soji Asha took them to a reclaimed Borg Cube, and Picard to a reunion with Hugh, another former Borg. With the episode ending with Elnor and Hugh staying on the Cube to allow Picard to escape with Soji, fans are now wondering whether the two characters will survive for the rest of the season.

According to EpicStream, Star Trek: Picard may already be setting us up for the death of Elnor, who beams onto the Cube to take down Romulan guards before they can arrest Picard, Soji and Hugh in the Borg Queen’s teleportation chamber. While Picard wants Elnor to join them to rendezvous with La Sirena on Nepenthe, the Qowat Milat warrior wants to keep his oath and protect Jean-Luc by holding off a new wave of guards. The episode wraps up with Elnor shielding Hugh as he hides the evidence of the transporter, and a voiceover calling on his friends to live.

While the preview for episode 7 shows Elnor still fighting off attackers, there’s no guarantee yet that the character will be able to survive what promises to be an epic battle. This theory from EpicStream is intriguing, but also seems to suggest that Elnor is fighting the Borg, rather than the Romulan guards, and possibly the Tal Shiar. Maybe I missed something, but that didn’t appear to be the case, at least from the conclusion of episode 6.

Killing off Elnor, played by Evan Evagora, would be a shock as well as the actor is among the main cast and was only introduced a few episodes ago. EpicStream are also hinting that Hugh could face death for helping Picard, suggesting that the series has a double death planned. We’re not quite sure that Star Trek: Picard would go that far, but it has been unusually dark for a Star Trek series.

In any case, next week’s episode looks to be another treat for fans, with another Star Trek: The Next Generation character returning, as well as more intrigue on the season’s new romance, and the continued exploration of the Borg.