New Star Trek: Picard Photos Tease Jean-Luc Facing A Devastating Truth

Star Trek: Picard

Star Trek: Picard has really been heating up the drama these past few episodes, and this week’s installment will continue to bring the first season of the Patrick Stewart-headed sequel series closer to an exciting conclusion. Episode 8, titled “Broken Pieces,” will see Jean-Luc and the crew of La Sirena – Raffi (Michelle Hurd), Rios (Santiago Cabrera), Jurati (Alison Pill) and Soji (Isa Briones) – discovering the secret truth about the dark incident that originally forced Picard to quit Starfleet in the first place.

What’s more, after taking a break last week, Jeri Ryan is also back as Seven of Nine. While Picard and crew remain on their ship, Seven and Elnor (Evan Evagora) are on board the Artifact. But the teaser for the episode hints that being back on a Borg Cube could spell disaster for the XB. The final shot of the trailer even heavily hints that she’s about to be re-assimilated.

For further hints at what’s to come in “Broken Pieces,” check out the new preview images in the gallery below:

The synopsis for the episode, meanwhile, promises that there’ll be some major revelations to come which will really throw the characters for a loop.

When devastating truths behind the Mars attack are revealed, Picard realizes just how far many will go to preserve secrets stretching back generations, all while the La Sirena crew grapples with secrets and revelations of their own. Narissa directs her guards to capture Elnor, setting off an unexpected chain of events on the Borg cube.

As established in episode 1, Picard once led the Romulan rescue mission following the destruction of Romulus, but Starfleet pulled out of it after a synthetic terrorist attack on the refugee fleet’s shipyard on Mars. Disgusted with their new isolationist mentality, Jean-Luc retired. Over the course of the season, though, he’s had to face that he was wrong to leave the galaxy in the lurch and it seems that the scenario that caused him to turn his back was not how it seemed, either.

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