Watch: Star Trek: Picard Promo Teases A Surprising Development For Seven

Star Trek: Picard

Star Trek: Picard just gave us a major Seven of Nine-centric episode a couple of weeks ago, but this preview for the next installment of the show promises that the ex-Borg is already coming back, and she could be about to meet a dark fate.

Titled “Broken Pieces,” the eighth episode of the series’ debut season looks to be ramping up the drama as this teaser paints a very ominous picture. “What you are about to experience… will drive you mad,” intones a voiceover, as we see a bunch of Romulans blasted by some kind of wave, resulting in them screaming and clawing at their own faces. Elsewhere, Picard warns Soji of the threat at hand. “We face a powerful enemy,” he stresses.

Meanwhile, back on the Artifact, Elnor is seen battling a Romulan. In possibly the same scene, Seven arrives and inquires “What is happening on this cube?” Whatever it is is enough to even intimidate the Zhat Vash’s Narissa, who voices her concern that “something far worse is coming.” Just in case we haven’t got the message yet, a snippet of a doom-laden conversation between Jean-Luc and Agnes Jurati is included as well. She tells him that she never believed in hell until she saw it. “Unless we act quickly,” she begins, only for Picard to finish the sentence. “Hell will come again.”

But the biggest talking point of this preview is the final shot, showing Seven wired up to the Borg Cube, silently screaming as her eyes turn back. The obvious implication is that she’s being re-assimilated. Maybe even becoming the new Borg Queen. This would be a massive shock, and also a hugely tragic twist for the character, who’s done so much to reclaim her humanity. Not to mention it would be extra tough coming the episode after another ex-Borg, Hugh, also met a traumatic end.

Star Trek: Picard 1×08 “Broken Pieces” airs on CBS All Access next Thursday, March 12th.