Bask In The Nostalgia Of Star Trek: The Original Series With New Behind-The-Scenes Pics


Space: the final frontier…

Those four words helped define Star Trek: The Original Series more than 50 years ago, when Captain James T. Kirk and first officer Spock – William Shatner and the late, great Leonard Nimoy, respectively – began piloting the starship Enterprise into the dark recesses of space.

Their adventures helped launch Star Trek into the stratosphere, and it’s fair to say that the series has gone on to become something of a cultural phenomenon since its humble debut back in ’66. And so, to commemorate that trailblazing legacy, we’ve compiled a gallery of behind-the-scenes images from The Original Series, which are designed to showcase Kirk, Spock and the entire cast and crew responsible for Star Trek‘s maiden voyage.

Pretty cool, no? This gallery arrives at perhaps the perfect time, too, as the Television Awards recently posted a moving tribute to all things Star Trek. It’s essentially a montage of the series, and helps draw attention to its pioneering spirit, not to mention its unique ability to mirror the social, political and cultural norms of its era.

That’s a tradition that’s still honored to this day, given CBS All Access and series architect Alex Kurtzman have found great success with the ongoing Star Trek: Discovery, which is due to unveil its second season in the early stages of 2019. A spinoff series for Patrick Stewart’s Jean-Luc Picard is also in the works, while last week’s reunion photo has sparked rumors of a potential reboot for The Next Generation.

Neither CBS nor Alex Kurtzman have announced anything official, but we’ll be keeping you right up-to-date on all things Star Trek as time wears on.