Star Trek’s Michael Dorn Weighs In On Discovery’s Klingons


Star Trek: Discovery season 1 gave fans quite a few unexpected surprises, least of all the question of just what the heck was up with the design of the Klingons?

After a very long time with The Next Generation‘s Klingons, which saw only a small evolution when J.J. Abrams introduced to them in his films, Discovery threw us all for a loop by introducing somewhat blue-skinned creatures with a curiously bio-mechanoid style of armor. We later learned that the appearance was harking back to The Original Series‘ pre-production designs for the species, with the producers explaining that the Klingons’ thirst for war and desire to be perfect warriors led them to genetically alter themselves in various ways, which is why they’ve changed so much over the years.

But what does Michael Dorn think of the species’ new look in CBS’ divisive show? The actor, who played Worf, Starfleet’s first Klingon officer on Star Trek: The Next Generation, as well as Deep Space Nine and a number of films, was asked for his opinion on Discovery‘s redesigned Klingons this weekend at Rose City Comic Con, and he had some interesting things to say.

Though he wouldn’t reveal whether he was a fan or not, Dorn explained that what the producers of the CBS show are trying to do is simply put their own stamp on the species, with the actor saying:

“In a general sense, in every iteration of Star Trek – outside of Next Generation and Deep Space Nine and all those Klingons – the producers were trying to make it their own and put their own stamp on the Klingons. So, they decided ‘We are going to do something different than everybody else,’ and I think that is what they came up with for Discovery. There is no rhyme or reason to it, or to any of the stuff, so I think it is just a matter that they want to put a stamp.”

Of course, as fans will know, the Klingons are actually being redesigned for season 2 of Star Trek: Discovery, so it’ll be interesting to see what the team’s come up with when the show returns in early 2019. With any luck, we’ll get a good look at their work sometime soon, but until then, tell us, are you a fan of what Discovery‘s done with the Klingons? Be sure to let us know in the usual place.