New Star Wars Book Teases What The Empire Wants With Baby Yoda


With just two weeks to go before the premiere of The Mandalorian season 2, a lot of fans have been speculating about what awaits Din Djarin and Baby Yoda in their next outing. Or more specifically, who the mysterious child is and what the Imperial remnants want with him.

Now, a new reference title called The Star Wars Book may have hinted at an answer in a section dedicated to the cloning process in the world of that galaxy far, far away. This is the same book that confirmed Baby Yoda is part of a Force Dyad, thus giving him access to unique abilities such as Force Healing, the kind Rey also possessed in the Skywalker Saga due to her connection to Ben Solo.

As such, it’s not entirely implausible to suggest that the writers may have deliberately put in some clues to fuel the hype machine for the upcoming season of Jon Favreau’s show. In this case, the publication brings up the matter of “unique species” and their worth to the clandestine Imperial experiments. “Rumors spread of Imperial attempts to create clones of unique species,” it reads.

While that by no stretch of the imagination is a direct remark to Grand Master Yoda’s enigmatic species, or Mando’s adorable sidekick for that matter, we know that they’re as rare and unique as they come in the canon of Star Wars.

Some theories have previously suggested that Palpatine might be behind Moff Gideon’s operation to seize the Child. After all, we now know the Emperor is still alive and planning his return from Exegol in that period.

I mean, what if Sidious’ minions are hellbent on capturing Baby Yoda because the dark lord has somehow gotten wind of the fact that the creature is a Force Dyad, an entity that could reinvigorate his deteriorating body? Even Doctor Pershing, who worked on the Asset when Mando delivered him, bore the insignia of Kaminooian scientists, which is more proof that the project has something to do with cloning.

As far as feasible theories go, this could very well turn out to be The Mandalorian‘s big plot twist. Then again, Favreau and his team may have other more novel ideas about the narrative besides resorting to using Palpatine as the big baddie again. To know for sure, we’ll have to wait and see for ourselves when season 2 premieres on October 30th.