Star Wars: The Clone Wars Is Leaving Netflix In April


Like the Jedi falling to Order 66, more and more Disney-owned content is finding itself prey of a great Netflix purge. The latest victim: Star Wars: The Clone Wars, which will reportedly leave Netflix on April 7th, mere days before Disney is expected to unveil Disney Plus, a streaming service of its own.

Come next month, all five of the series’ original seasons, the Netflix exclusive sixth season (subtitled “The Lost Missions”), and the 2008 theatrical film that served as the show’s pilot will all have to find a new home. The animated series had previously aired on Cartoon Network until its cancelation in 2013, as Disney felt it was too graphic for children.

Though Netflix has threatened to remove Star Wars: The Clone Wars from its streaming line-up before, with the impending arrival of Disney Plus, it’s no surprise that the series was finally given the boot. After all, Lucasfilm announced last summer that a brand new season of Clone Wars will debut exclusively on Disney’s streaming service later this year.

Netflix has recently dropped quite a few Disney titles from its streaming selection, from the live-action Beauty and the Beast remake to spinoff film Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. And though you can still watch Netflix’s exclusively produced Marvel TV shows, all six series have been cancelled over the last few months.

More details about Disney Plus are expected to drop on April 11th, when the House of Mouse will offer a “first look” at the service for investors. In addition to the seventh season of Clone Wars, we know two different live-action Star Wars shows, The Mandalorian and a Rogue One prequel, are in the works. That being said, if you don’t plan on subscribing to Disney’s streaming service, the clock is ticking to catch up on Star Wars: The Clone Wars before it’s scrubbed from Netflix for good.

Source: Variety