Star Wars Episode VIII’s Mark Hamill Returns To The Flash With A Drastic New Look

Despite returning to the public spotlight in a big way when he reprised the role of Luke Skywalker in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Mark Hamill didn’t hesitate to return to The Flash as The Trickster (a character he first played in the short-lived 1990s TV series starring the Scarlet Speedster). Now, some new photos from the Vancouver set of The Flash have surfaced, and they show Hamill once again back in the role. However, he looks a lot more like The Joker here.

Hamill has voiced the Clown Prince of Crime in everything from Batman: The Killing Joke to the Arkham series of video games, but the chances of The Joker showing up in The Flash are somewhere between slim and none. So, why is The Trickster sporting such a drastically different look then?

Well, the fact that John Wesley Shipp’s Jay Garrick was also present points to these scenes being set on Earth-3. That’s a world The Flash hasn’t visited as of yet, so if that is what’s going on here, it should be a very interesting episode (especially if it leads to a team-up between the two Scarlet Speedsters).

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