‘Star Wars’ fans are getting the Marvel treatment with ‘The Mandalorian’ trailer set for the NFL

'Star Wars' fans are getting the Marvel treatment with 'The Mandalorain' trailer set for the NFL
Image via Lucasfilm

The insufferable waiting which Marvel fans suffered through before the trailer for Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania is set to be repeated, as Star Wars fans will face a similar fate for The Mandalorian’s next trailer.

Arguably the biggest hit to come out of Lucasfilm since their acquisition by Disney, The Mandalorian has somehow united the warring Star Wars factions under one roof. The third season of the hit series has felt oh so far away for such a long time, but is mere weeks away from releasing.

Sooner than that will be the trailer release, with Disney yet again attaching a major trailer to an NFL game. If you didn’t enjoy the wait a few nights ago, you won’t enjoy this one. The Mandalorian’s season three trailer will air during ESPN NFL Super Wild Card Game, which is scheduled at 8:00pm ET on Jan. 16.

The half-time debut will also get everyone in the mood for the inevitable Super Bowl trailers just a few weeks later, with one of the largest sporting events on the planet always seeing big trailers attached. However, for those who are not based in the United States or otherwise have no interest in the NFL, trailers being attached to events like these can be frustrating and alienating.

Given how global these brands are, it does seem a bit silly international markets have to wait for a sporting event which has no impact on their country at all. Half-time trailer drops outside the Super Bowl itself also seem to disincentivize the Super Bowl’s trailer drops. How long until every major trailer requires a sporting event before it can release a trailer?

The Mandalorian’s third season is set to launch on March 1.