‘Star Wars’ fans are loving their first taste of ‘Andor’

Photo via Lucasfilm

This article contains spoilers for Andor episode one

Andor is finally out on Disney Plus, and dedicated Star Wars fans are burning the midnight oil to get through the first three episodes. The show is already proving very different from other episodic streaming exclusives set in a galaxy far, far away, delivering an incredibly grimy and downbeat take on the mythology while showing Cassian Andor’s ruthlessness, cunning, and hints of his tragic past.

Fans are already giving their takes on social media, and in line with the very positive reviews, it seems the show is already impressing a lot of people.

Many are loving the opening scene in particular, which sees Andor searching for his long lost sister in a grimy nightclub/brothel. Some are comparing the rain and neon to Blade Runner:

Some can already tell this is going to be ‘Star Wars Noir’:

Others highlight the soundtrack, especially the tune playing in the club:

And many are simply praising the show for raising the bar:

After this barnstorming opening, we’re diving right into episode two to see how things shake out, but just from this opening it seems the hype around Andor was real, and the Rogue One prequel is more than worth the long wait, even if those flashbacks to the title hero’s younger, happier days seem destined to end in misery.

Let’s strap ourselves in, then, as we discover the reasons why Cassian Andor hates the Empire so much.

The first three episodes of Andor are now available on Disney Plus.