‘Star Wars’ fans celebrate the return of an icon in ‘The Mandalorian’ season 3 trailer


With nary a film or the second season of Andor in sight, all eyes are on Disney Plus to deliver the heaviest Star Wars hitter of the year, and that’s exactly what they’ll be doing with season three of The Mandalorian, one of the most beloved pieces of content to come out since the original trilogy, and perhaps the streaming service’s flagship original series. We’ve still got a month and change before it lands, but season three’s brand new trailer is more than enough to hold us over until then.

From what we can tell of the trailer, it looks like Grogu has made quite a bit of progress in his training, and his teary farewell with Din seems to have been a bit premature, as many of us no doubt expected. Beyond that, the mention of the eviscerated Mandalorian homeworld is especially curious, as Din seems dead set on going to the destroyed planet to seek redemption.

However, the real star of the show is a certain pint-sized returnee from the sequel trilogy, here to win a few hearts before going on to take down some of the Sith’s forces.

Whatever awaits us in the next chapter of the galactic Western, Star Wars fans are eager to welcome back what’s become a quintessential part of the mythos that George Lucas started, whether you know it as The Mandalorian, “The Baby Yoda Show,” or “The One with Babu Frik.”

The first episode of season three of The Mandalorian will release to Disney Plus on March 1.