‘Star Wars’ fans wonder why there’s so little hype for ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ director’s Disney Plus series

Image via Lucasfilm

Star Wars has gotten off to great start in 2023, with the second season of The Bad Batch premiering just days after New Year’s Day, all while we eagerly anticipate the third season of Disney Plus heavy hitter The Mandalorian, which will premiere on March 1.

But there’s one Star Wars property releasing this year that’s gotten about as much fanfare as a bowl of cornflakes, and that’s Skeleton Crew, a story set after Return of the Jedi in which a group of children finds themselves lost in the vast reaches of the galaxy.

With Jon Watts, director of MCU Phase Four lynchpin Spider-Man: No Way Home, helming the series starring Jude Law, there’s certainly enough big-name talent to warrant more buzz. Toss in Watts’ pitch for the show as a coming-of-age story with Amblin Entertainment roots (in other words, in the vein of such films as E.T. and The Goonies), and you’ve got yourself a project with mouth-watering marketing potential.

Nevertheless, we’ve heard nary a peep on Skeleton Crew, and the sleuths of r/StarWars are getting to the bottom of such an absence whilst secretly gauging Reddit hype, which we all know is a reliable indicator for the sentiment on anything and everything.

One user quickly pointed out that a show about children starring Jude Law is perhaps at least worth a double-take.

The original poster would go on to dig up a description of the show that doubles down on Watts’ apparent Amblin Entertainment-adjacent intentions.

Meanwhile, another user offered up the most reasonable opinion yet, while a second user gave us the most reasonable opinion for a Star Wars fan.

Indeed, either way, more Star Wars content is more Star Wars content, and while a Star Wars answer to The Goonies sounds like a daunting task, we’re sure Jon Watts will work his magic one way or another.

Skeleton Crew is set to release to Disney Plus later this year.