Star Wars Rebels Will Return For A Third Season

Star Wars Rebels

Hardly surprising given the popularity of the Disney XD animated series, but it’s just been officially announced that Star Wars Rebels has been renewed for a third season. Things are already moving forward, and the crew of The Ghost will continue their struggle against Darth Vader and the forces of the Empire sometime in 2016.

Senior vice president or Programming and General Manager at Disney XD, Marc Buhaj, released the following statement in regards ot the news:

We are proud to bring our audience a third season of Star Wars Rebels, a series that has resonated across generations. The creative team behind the series continues to do a brilliant job in delivering on the key tenets that fans have come to expect from a Star Wars property including adventure, hope and the battle between good vs. evil.

Season 2 has been very well received, and saw the addition of fan-favourite characters such as Vader, Ahsoka Tano and former Clone Troopers Captain Rex, Captain Gregor and Commander Wolffe. We also met a new villain in the form of the Seventh Sister Inquisitor, who was voiced by Sarah Michele Gellar. No details on which of them (if any) will be back next year, but you can rest assured that we’ll see Kanan, Hera, Zeb, Sabine and Ezra again.

In the meantime, here’s TV Guide’s exclusive Star Wars Rebels cover featuring Darth Vader and Kanan.