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‘Star Wars’ supporters wonder if ‘Andor’ has the fandom more unified than it’s been in decades

It certainly has critics unified.

Diego Luna as Cassian Andor with Skeen, Taramyn, and Nemik in 'Andor'
Image via Disney Plus

It’s no difficult task to find praise about Andor these days. The Rogue One prequel series’ masterful fundamentals and star-studded talent has catapulted it to deserved critical acclaim from fans and critics alike. Thus, we may be forgiven in forgetting that the latest entry in the Star Wars franchise wasn’t much of a fanfare magnet prior to its release.

Indeed, no one really expected much out of a spin-off series centered on a presently-deceased member of the early days of the Rebellion, but Tony Gilroy worked his magic nonetheless, and it seems like nary a whisper of criticism can be found for it now.

With so much going for Andor, the likes of which we haven’t seen for a Star Wars project in a hot minute, to say the least, the folks over at r/StarWars are wondering if this is the most unifying Star Wars show since the original trilogy.

While still being in the “praise Andor” camp, quite a few responders weren’t sold on the idea that it’s necessarily as unifying as the original trilogy, citing the effects of internet echo chambers, the fact that the original trilogy itself wasn’t wholly unifying in its own right, and the suggestion that such honors instead go to The Mandalorian.

Others pointed out that some fans have indeed heaved the word “boring” at Andor; a sentiment that the thread adamantly opposed with galaxy-sized ridicule.

And some simply piled onto the Andor love train, with one user in particular comparing it to The Mandalorian with a surprisingly deft food analogy.

Andor is currently available to stream on Disney Plus, with the twelfth and final episode of the first season set to air on Nov. 23. A second season, which will also be the last, is currently in development.

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