New Star Wars Series In The Works For Disney+

The Mandalorian

The Star Wars universe just got a little bigger today.

According to Variety, Disney has paired with Leslye Headland, the co-creator, showrunner, executive producer, and all-around creative mastermind behind the Russian Doll series, for a new Star Wars TV show.

Bound for Disney+, the “female-centric” project will reportedly stand on its own two feet, which is to say that it takes place in “a different part of the Star Wars timeline than other projects.” When, exactly, we don’t know, as Lucasfilm and Disney are keeping firm details under wraps.

But Variety’s scoop marks another exciting expansion of the Star Wars universe, given Disney is already said to be drawing up plans for season 3 of The Mandalorian – another Disney+ original that struck gold with Baby Yoda.

All jokes and memes aside, The Mandalorian is living proof that the Star Wars template can be projected onto an episodic (and live-action) canvas, replete with galactic gunslingers, strange monsters, and tales of heroism.

Indeed, Disney is hoping to build on this momentum by fast-tracking two other spinoff TV shows for Obi-Wan Kenobi and Cassian Andor, star of Rogue One. Both projects have naturally been shelved due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, but there have been some interesting developments to report.

For one, Kenobi recently added Joby Harold (King Arthur: Legend of the Sword) to its writing team, while Disney’s Rogue One spinoff has been beefing up its cast list thanks to the addition of Stellan Skarsgard and Kyle Soller.

Leslye Headland’s Star Wars series, on the other hand, has only just taken off, meaning it’ll be some time yet before we have any tangible news for you to digest. Nevertheless, it’s another coup for Disney+.