Star Wars: Visions Producer Addresses Live-Action Crossovers


The expansion of the Star Wars universe has already established a precedent that live-action and animated projects can coexist, with The Mandalorian introducing several fan favorites who appeared in The Clone Wars and Rebels, while Rosario Dawson’s Ahsoka series will be directly connected to the latter if her mention of Grand Admiral Thrawn was any indication.

Animated anthology Visions hasn’t been named as canon, but fans have already been voicing their enthusiasm about seeing several of the stories adapted in other forms of media. A couple of them have plenty of potential to power an episodic effort or even a feature film, but in a new interview with The Direct, executive producer James Waugh admitted that it’s far too early for Lucasfilm to know if they want to head in that direction.

I think that’s always possible. I would say that it could be our continuing with some of this storytelling, we’re doing a book with Del Rey right now that carries forth “The Duel” story, it’s called Ronin, with a really interesting author. We want to explore these characters in other mediums, for sure. Whether or not you’ll see these characters in live-action, or in our core animation? I don’t know, is the honest answer there. If these characters, or these scenarios, or these world building elements inspire creators enough, like everything with Star Wars, you never know. You see things from the EU being pulled into the current timeline storytelling, and that’s kind of the magic of it. So it’s possible.”

While that wasn’t a particularly enthusiastic answer, it’s looking very likely that we’ll be seeing much more from Visions in the future. Even if you’re not a fan of anime, there’s plenty to enjoy throughout the nine short films that each unfold in a vastly different pocket of a galaxy far, far away.

More Visions might even be announced as soon as November’s Disney Plus Day, but it’ll be a lot longer before we find out whether or not any of the characters could make their presence felt in the live-action realm.