Stargirl Season 2 Reveals First Look At Eclipso


The finale of Stargirl neatly tied up the events of its introductory season, but also dropped several plot details to be explored in the next run. One of these, a tease of the supervillain Eclipso, has now come one step closer to realization with the release of the first image of the entity.

Eclipso is a vengeance demon who was once the embodiment of the Wrath of God, until his lust for power led to his fall from grace and his duties given to the Spectre. He was imprisoned in a huge black diamond known as the Heart of Darkness, although after the jewel was discovered by a treasure hunter and cut into a thousand pieces, it gave Eclipso the ability to possess anyone in possession of one while in a state of rage.

Played by Nick E. Tarabay, an alum of the Arrowverse from having portrayed Captain Boomerang on a few episodes of Arrow, he looks suitably malevolent with searing red eyes, leathery grey skin and his symbol of power glowing around his neck. Also, the stars and nebula in the image’s backdrop signify the cosmic-level threat he poses.

The psychotic cheerleader Cindy, the future Shiv, was the only villain who didn’t end up either dead or imprisoned by the actions of Courtney and her team, and was last seen grinning with evil glee after holding a gem shining with UV light. Given that the shard was the object of her search, it’s probable that she knows what it is, and intends to use it to get revenge on her new nemesis.

Exactly how Eclipso will come into Stargirl remains to be seen, as well as if Yolanda’s brother Alex, glimpsed briefly in one episode, will have anything to do with it, as the character’s comic book version played a major role in one arc involving the demon. Whatever the situation, Courtney and her nascent team of heroes will have their work cut out for them.