Stephen Amell Confirms He Was Removed From Flight After Argument With Wife


Former Arrow star Stephen Amell has found himself in the news this week over an incident that took place on a Delta flight between Austin and Los Angeles on Monday. As originally reported by TMZ, it was claimed that the Oliver Queen actor was “appearing drunk” and was asked to lower his voice several times. When he refused, the “unruly” Amell allegedly had to be removed from the plane by an air marshal and three other attendants. This resulted in an eight-minute delay in take-off.

Following the news getting out, Amell decided to address the incident himself on social media. The Green Arrow star took to Twitter to confirm that he had an argument with his wife, Cassandra Jean Amell, on the flight. When he was asked to vacate the plane, the actor says he willingly complied and was not “forcibly removed” as reports have claimed.

“My wife and I got into an argument Monday afternoon on a Delta flight from Austin to LA,” begins Amell’s statement. “I was asked to lower my voice and I did. Approximately 10 minutes later I was asked to leave the flight. And I did so immediately. I was not forcibly removed.”

Amell then added further details in a follow-up tweet, admitting that he let his “emotions” get the better of him.

“I rebooked myself on a Southwest flight 2 hours later and traveled home without any further issue. I let my emotions get the better of me, end of story. Must be a slow news cycle,” Amell wrote.

Amell starred as the protector of Star City for all eight seasons of The CW’s Arrow, which concluded back in early 2020 after he elected not to renew his contract with the network in order to move on to new opportunities. He’ll make his big TV return this August in Starz’s WWE-themed drama Heels, alongside Vikings star Alexander Ludwig. He’s also set to appear in a sequel to cult sci-fi movie Code 8 alongside his cousin and fellow former Arrowverse alum, Robbie Amell. Amell’s wife Cassandra Jean also cameoed in the DC franchise as Nora Fries in 2018’s “Elseworlds” crossover event.

Stephen Amell doesn’t seem to be in a hurry to return to the Arrowverse, but his Arrow co-star David Ramsey just made a comeback as John Diggle on Batwoman and is set to make further guest appearances on The FlashSupergirlSuperman & Lois and Legends of Tomorrow later this season.