Stephen Amell Says Arrow Season 7 Will Introduce A New Storytelling Technique


For the longest time, flashbacks were pretty much a given whenever one tuned in for an episode of Arrow. But after season 5 had passed, we learned the full breadth of Oliver Queen’s time spent away from Star City. As such, season 6 more so relied on what was occurring in the present, but utilized flashbacks if certain episodes required more background regarding specific characters, with Deathstroke and Ricardo Diaz being prime examples. (I’m still waiting on Black Siren’s origin story, by the way.)

Well, according to lead actor Stephen Amell, the next year will contain some surprises when it comes to how the tale will unfold:

“I think that it’s going to be…we can’t go bigger than we went last year, so we’re going more specific. . . . We are gonna introduce a new storytelling technique that I’m really excited about. All that I can say.”

Truth be told, I’ve long surmised that Arrow would one day rely on flash-forwards to tell stories in a nonlinear fashion, so it’s very possible this could be what Amell’s hinting at. Then again, such a method would set a grander stage, and it sounds like he’s describing more intimate stuff to come. Hey, as long as the show doesn’t go the found footage route, I think we’re safe.

Already, we’re pretty much guaranteed for the next year to be a time of change for the series. After all, Quentin Lance is dead, new faces are expected to arrive, and there’s the fact that Oliver has publicly admitted to being the Emerald Archer and now takes up residence in a Supermax penitentiary. Needless to say, we’re in for a whole different ballgame.

Arrow returns for its seventh season on Monday nights this fall on The CW.

Source: Cinema Blend