Stephen Amell Teases New DC Characters Coming To Arrow Season 7


Arrow‘s sixth season finale promised that when the show returns it’ll ring in some changes for the long-running CW series. After years of narrowly avoiding his secret being revealed, Oliver Queen was finally outed once and for all as the Green Arrow, with the run ending with the former Mayor of Star City being carted off to jail for his vigilantism.

With Ollie locked up, it looks like some new heroes will take the archer’s place, as star Stephen Amell has teased that a few classic comic book characters from the DC universe will be introduced into Arrow for the first time in season 7. Here’s what he told The Music Australia in a recent interview:

“I think that you will see some very, very new and exciting characters in season seven. Characters that have a canon in DC.”

We might just know who one of these characters is, too. A casting call for season 7 that leaked online last month started a rumor that Ted Kord AKA Blue Beetle will be making his long-awaited Arrowverse debut. Fans might know that Brandon Routh was originally cast as the character before DC execs forbade The CW to use him, so Routh’s role was switched to Ray Palmer/The Atom instead.

Of course, Kate Kane AKA Batwoman has also been announced to be joining the Arrowverse in this year’s four-way crossover with The Flash, Supergirl and Legends of Tomorrow, which will introduce Gotham City and touch on the Bat-family for the first time. We’re not yet sure if Batwoman will have a prolonged role in any of the shows, but it’s possible she could join the cast of Arrow.

Either way, many fans weren’t too taken with Arrow season 6, so it bodes well for the series that season 7 will feature some treats for comic book readers and could expand the Arrowverse’s collection of DC heroes even further. With the show set to return this Fall, hopefully we’ll learn more about some of these new characters sooner rather than later.

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