Stephen Amell Empties His Quiver Regarding Arrow Season 5


Regardless of how I or anyone else felt about the fourth season of Arrow, the time has come to look forward to its fifth and hope for the best. The cast has been mostly coy about what’s to come but they do hint that the show will return to form.

DC All Access recently had the chance to chat with Stephen Amell, Oliver Queen himself, about what we can expect to see this fall. He obviously can’t spill too many beans, but teased us with the following (transcript courtesy of Cosmic Book News):

“The only thing that I can tease is that it’s only a villain we could do if we were in Season 5 of a show because it calls back to what has happened in yesteryear or yester-season as the case may be…

“Of course everything is going to change. If you seen the finale, you know there is going to be a whole element for me professionally that we really haven’t seen yet, and we have been in this cycle of introducing shows for a couple of years now. Obviously Supergirl is coming to the network, but we don’t have to introduce Supergirl. I think we are going to focus a lot on just getting back to some of the stuff that Arrow does really well.”

His talk of “yester-season” has made many of us recall his past association with one Anatoly Knyazev, whom fans should recognize as the man who would be KGBeast in the comic book medium. Oliver’s past with the Bratva has yet to be fully fleshed out and one would think this will be explored throughout the fifth season, since we’re set to see the fifth year of flashbacks, which happens to be his final year abroad before returning home. Past usually collides with present on this series and interviews such as this really seem to indicate puzzle pieces are falling into place.

To hear Amell talk more about Arrow, as well as some other cool DC publishing news, be sure to check out the video embedded at the top.