Did Stephen Amell Just Hint At Oliver’s Death In Arrow Season 7?


A recent Tweet from Arrow star Stephen Amell looks like an innocent joke at first glance, but might actually hint at a major twist that’s in store in the life of Oliver Queen.

The actor wrote on Twitter that he was being accosted by drunks while vacationing with his family. “Going to head over there shortly for a beer and tell them I’m only here because they killed my character,” Amell quipped. Unless, he’s actually telling the truth.

Take a look at his Tweet below and decide for yourself:

At any other time, we would have written this off as just a joke on Amell’s part, and it probably is, but it’s important to remember that Oliver Queen’s death has recently been hinted at on screen as well. The final part of the “Elseworlds” crossover saw the Emerald Archer make a secret deal with the Monitor in order to spare his friends, while he also mentioned to Barry Allen that line about making the most of life while you still can.

As such, it looks a lot like Oliver swapped his own life in order for the Flash and Supergirl to survive battling Doctor Destiny, when the Book of Destiny said they were fated to die. The general theory is that Mar-Novu has given Ollie a year to live and will come to collect on their bargain this fall. In other words, during the “Crisis on Infinite Earths” crossover. After all, it just wouldn’t be an accurate adaptation of the seminal comic book arc if an iconic hero didn’t perish.

So, while Amell’s Tweet is likely him just poking fun at the drunks who bothered him and trolling his fans at the same time, it’s certainly possible that there’s a kernel of truth in there and he knows something we don’t about the Green Arrow’s future. And if the Monitor deal is what we think it is, we might get some more foreshadowing about it as Arrow season 7 continues to unfold.