Stephen Amell Publicly Thanks Arrow Fans Ahead Of Series’ End


When a series such as Arrow has aired for a number of years, emotions are bound to run high once it comes to an end. Actually, viewers have already had to fight back tears, as longtime regular Emily Bett Rickards recently said goodbye to her character, Felicity Smoak. Suffice it to say, the upcoming series finale is sure to hit us all harder then we’d expect.

If anyone is to be affected most, I’d say it’s lead actor Stephen Amell. After all, Oliver Queen is arguably the role that put his name on the map, and he now must bid farewell to numerous colleagues he’s gotten to know since first getting the gig. Hey, there’s a reason why people working on TV shows regard one another as family.

When Amell first got the go-ahead to announce that the series will end upon the conclusion to its eighth season a few months back, he did so by posting an emotional video via Facebook Live. And though social media is something the Emerald Archer is no stranger to, he wanted to do things more formally at MegaCon this past weekend in Orlando by saying the following:

“I haven’t actually had a chance to speak publicly, in a forum like this, since we announced that the upcoming eighth season of Arrow is going to be the last season of the show. Also I apologize, I assume at a certain point we will get questions about the show and if you’re not up to date, the exit signs are marked.”

I know it’s cliche to say everything happens because of the fans, but this is an instance when that’s absolutely true. If people weren’t watching Arrow, then it wouldn’t have gone past one season – let alone finishing with its eighth. Stephen himself can attest to the show’s profound effect on people, too, as he added this:

“I really appreciated this weekend people saying, ‘thank you for the run, we’re sad that it’s going’ and the fact that you’re sad that it’s going doesn’t make me happy, but to me it also reaffirms that we’re probably doing this at the right time. I think. I hope. It feels right for me and I hope we get to do it justice towards the end. I think that we will, but I have appreciated all of the sentiments, they’ve made me feel very happy, so thank you for that.”

Arrow returns for its final season on Tuesday nights this fall on The CW.