Stephen Amell Teases Start Of Filming On Arrow Season 8

Arrow season 8

This fall, Oliver Queen will save his city for the final time as Arrow‘s upcoming eighth season will be its last. Exactly what will happen in the shortened run, consisting of just 10 episodes, is currently under wraps, but star Stephen Amell did recently tease that production had began with a telling Instagram story.

Amell shared a selfie of himself taken in the car on his way to start the day, with the caption reading: “Heading back to work. I’ve had this shirt since episode 3 of season 1. It’s essentially shirt vapor at this point.”

You can see the long-serving shirt for yourself in the gallery below:

Though Amell is just talking about his old tee here, it’s clear that the actor might be feeling a bit nostalgic in general as this journey he’s been on for the past eight years draws to a close. Arrow is where The CW’s ever-growing shared DC TV universe began, so Amell’s been around for the entire history of the Arrowverse so far. As such, it must be weird to be finally putting it all behind him.

After all, we’re definitely expecting season 8 to wrap up the Green Arrow’s story for good, alongside the following “Crisis on Infinite Earths” crossover that’ll no doubt act as the hero’s swansong. We’ve had theories about this since last year’s “Elseworlds,” but the season 7 finale made it explicit.

If you’ll recall, the Monitor visited Ollie and Felicity and told them that he was destined to die in the incoming Crisis. However, he first had to pay off his debt to the cosmic being and was whisked away in an inter-dimensional portal. As this was the last we saw of him, we’ve got no idea what’s going to happen in season 8. And we’ve still got the whole summer to wait until we find out, as Arrow returns to The CW for its final chapter on October 15th.