Stephen King Says He’s Hooked On Showtime’s New Miniseries

Your Honor

When it comes to adaptations of his own work, Stephen King generally tends to prefer the ones that stick closest to the source material, neatly summed up by the fact that his favorite out of the countless small screen efforts is Storm of the Century, which also happened to be an original story that he wrote exclusively for the 1999 three-part miniseries.

However, the prolific author’s taste has proven to be hugely eclectic when it comes to the movies and TV shows he watches in his spare time, with Showtime’s Your Honor his latest fixation. The ten-episode crime drama started airing last month and is based on the Israeli series Kvodo, following an esteemed judge who gets caught up in a tragedy with sprawling consequences.

When the judge’s son commits a hit-and-run killing, he’s urged to turn himself into the police until it’s discovered that the victim is the son of a local crime boss, forcing him to try and dispose of the evidence. Most of the buzz surrounding Your Honor has focused Bryan Cranston tackling a major role in a TV series for the first time since he won six Emmys and two Golden Globes for his iconic stint as Breaking Bad‘s Walter White, and you can check out the beloved author’s reaction to the slow-burning saga below.

Your Honor

Stephen King‘s enthusiasm certainly doesn’t match the critical consensus, with Your Honor currently holding a hugely disappointing Rotten Tomatoes score of 44%, although Cranston’s performance has been widely praised. There are still three episodes left to build to a satisfying finale, but ratings have proved to be consistently strong for Showtime, so they’re probably not losing any sleep over the reviews.