Steve Carell Will Return As Michael Scott For The Office Finale

michael scott

Will he or won’t he? That’s the question that fans of The Office have been wondering for a long time now. The ‘he’ in question is Michael Scott of course, as no one was sure whether he would return in the finale in a couple of weeks. The creators of the show have often denied a return, stating that Steve Carell did not want to return as he felt it wouldn’t work creatively for his character and the goodbye that the other characters needed. I agreed, and still agree, wholeheartedly.

I loved that The Office stayed for two more seasons after Steve Carell left because the show wasn’t just about him, it was about all the characters. They needed another season at least to make sure everyone had the goodbyes they deserved, and I’m glad they got two. But that doesn’t mean I did not want to see Michael Scott back, just that I wouldn’t want his return to ruin the send-off that he already had and the send-offs that everyone else is going to get. Goodbye, Michael was already a perfect goodbye for the beloved character and his return could potentially tarnish that.

Fortunately, it seems we have nothing to worry about as Steve Carell will in fact reprise the role of Michael Scott for the finale, but as a cameo role more than a guest spot. I think it’s safe to say that this is all what any fan wants to see. Anything more would be an added bonus.

I can’t say this news is surprising. Though they’ve implied many times he would not return, they always seemed to be hiding something. Steve Carell had made a surprise appearance at The Office wrap party this past weekend too, I suppose that also should’ve been a hint. It would’ve been nice if they could have kept the surprise till the finale, but I’m sure no one is complaining about the news.

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