Stranger Things Fans Are Calling For Justice For [SPOILERS]


There are certain things we can expect to see in every season of Stranger Things. Eleven’s nose is going to bleed a lot, Will’s going to suffer even more trauma and, last but not least, a supporting character will be unnecessarily killed off, breaking fans’ hearts in the process. First, there was poor ol’ Barb in season 1. Then season 2 gave us Bob Newbie, unlikely superhero. Season 3, meanwhile, arrived last week and it served up Alexei, a Russian sweetheart who didn’t deserve his tragic fate.

And sure enough, fans – very, very emotional fans – have flocked to social media to mourn Alexei’s death. Much like Barb and Bob before him, the character has even got his own hashtag: #AlexeiDeservedBetter.

Here are just a few posts that demonstrate the outpouring of grief that’s happening on Twitter in his honor:

Sometimes people were just going about their day and then – wham! – they remembered what happened to Alexei.

#AlexeiDeservedBetter. Specifically, he deserved all the cherry slurpees in the world.

While we all weep for Alexei, no one’s mourning the end of the knock-off Terminator, Arnold Schwarzenegger wannabe Russian assassin who killed him. Unlike his victim, he totally deserved the gruesome death handed to him by Hopper.

Of course, Alexei isn’t the only tragic death in Stranger Things season 3. The aforementioned police chief also appeared to perish in the final episode of the run. Jim Hopper was caught in the blowback from the destruction of the Russian’s “key” machine, which seemed to disintegrate him. However, fans aren’t convinced that he’s gone for good. And the stars of the show have teased that he could yet appear in season 4. The finale’s post-credits scene might have even explained what happened to him.

Tell us, though, how did Alexei’s death rank amongst Stranger Things‘ saddest moments for you personally? Join the conversation in the comments section below.