Stranger Things Season 4 Set Photos Tease A Big Character Return

Stranger Things

As one of the most talked about series of the past few years, it’s safe to say that anticipation is high for the fourth season of Netflix’s Stranger Things. But more than a year into production, it seems that the crew isn’t yet done with filming, as the cast has recently been spotted in Atlanta, Georgia, shooting new scenes.

After three successful runs, the Duffer Brothers are embarking on what they promise to be the most ambitious chapter in the story. With Jim Hopper assumed dead, though, Hawkins’ residents are moving forward with their lives. Still, we know all too well that it’s only a matter of time before the Mind Flayer finds another way into the physical world. The antagonistic figure, who’s an unknown creature of immense power, has exhibited certain degrees of intelligence and consciousness in previous seasons, which is why many fans think it may have some bigger sinister plan up its figurative sleeves.

And then there are those Russian scientists, who by every indication are up to no good. As the first trailer revealed, Hopper is currently alive in one of their prisons, but a lot of folks think that this is a deliberate red herring and the “American” who was locked up in the facility at the end of season 3 is a character whose return will serve as the big surprise in the upcoming chapter.

Now, we may have an idea as to who it might be, as recently leaked photos have shown actor Matthew Modine returning to the set of Stranger Things, as you can see below:

As you’ll already know, Modine played Doctor Brenner, the man responsible for Eleven’s upbringing, in the first season. Since his death happened off the screen, most fans are speculating that he may eventually return. And who knows, maybe he ended up in Russia just like Hopper when he went through the Upside Down? Modine actually teased his character’s survival in a 2019 Tweet when the show’s fourth season was announced, so this pretty much confirms that the callous scientist is indeed making a comeback.

Tell us, though, what do you expect to see next in Stranger Things? And what role do you think Brenner will play in the story given his extensive understanding of the other mysterious realm? Let us know in the usual place below.