Stranger Things Season 4 Set Photos Tease Drama At Hawkins High


Despite production starting early last year, work is still underway on Stranger Things season 4, thanks to the pandemic forcing filming to be suspended for months in 2020. Shooting must be nearing an end by this point, however, and new set photos have teased that it could all go down at Hawkins High, as the U.S. military may be about to take command of the kids’ school. But for what end?

As you can see below, the first shot depicts the gym building looking abandoned save for a large canvas tent, which indicates that the campus has become a temporary military base of operations. Sure enough, the second photo features army vehicles driving into the area. Something is clearly happening at the gang’s school, but it’s hard to say what it is.

A lot has occurred at Hawkins High over the years, with the location becoming a hub for Upside Down-related activity since the Demogorgons – and Eleven – first came to the previously sleepy Indiana town. We know the scope of the story will expand in season 4, with the Cold War era clash between the U.S. and Russia being explored on a grander scale, and it seems the U.S. army is finally arriving on the scene to further investigate all the weird goings-on. But will they prove to be a help or a hindrance?

When we last saw our heroes, the Byers plus El had moved away from Hawkins after the supposed death of Hopper. But the season 4 teaser – released in February 2020 – confirmed that he was actually alive and stuck in a gulag in Russia. We know the gang will eventually come together again, but the most pressing question is how? And what will be the Mind Flayer’s next move as he attempts to conquer our dimension like he did the Upside Down?

The bad news is that Stranger Things season 4 may not arrive on Netflix until 2022, according to recent comments made by Finn Wolfhard. But hopefully it’ll be worth the wait, as David Harbour thinks it’s the best run yet.