Stranger Things Star Says Season 4 Might Not Arrive Until 2022

Stranger Things

Time is running out for Stranger Things, based only on how rapidly the core cast are aging out of their roles. The youngsters aren’t going to be able to pass themselves off as fresh-faced teens for much longer, while even the actors who actually play older teenagers in the show are all creeping closer towards 30.

Matters aren’t helped by the wait between seasons 3 and 4 of Netflix’s marquee episodic property, either, as the project faced some hefty delays as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic. Production was shut down for months not long after cameras had started rolling, but there were reports making the rounds several months back that the streaming service’s army of subscribers could tentatively be returning to Hawkins this summer.

That would certainly fit the Stranger Things remit, with the first and third seasons premiering in July and the second arriving in October. But Finn Wolfhard has now cast some serious doubt on that notion by revealing that season 4 might not be debuting until 2022.

Wolfhard has been a presence on Fanmio, a site that gives people the opportunity to talk directly to some of the key players in various TV shows, and apparently that’s how the It star dropped what could turn out to be a major bombshell, as you can see below.

Shooting wrapped on Stranger Things‘ fourth season a while ago, so the 2022 release might have something to do with the extensive post-production and effects work required, with various cast members teasing that it’s is coming back bigger, badder, darker and scarier than ever before. It’s not good news for fans, but it could end up as a win for Netflix. After all, absence makes the heart grow fonder, so there’s every chance season 4 will dislodge Bridgerton as the platform’s most-watched run of television ever.