Stranger Things Season 4 Release Date Reportedly Leaked


It’s been about a year and a half (but it feels like a decade) since Stranger Things 3 arrived on Netflix, and fans have been waiting to find out what happens next ever since. With Hopper apparently dead, the Russians up to no good and the Byers and Eleven leaving Hawkins, the last run left us with a ton of burning questions that we’re desperate to find out the answers to. But at long last, we may finally know when season 4 is going to drop.

Twitter account Netflix Updates has shared what appears to be a screenshot of a Netflix overview page that reveals when we can expect the next batch of episodes to debut on the streamer. According to this, ST4 is coming on August 21st. It’s worth pointing out that this isn’t from one of Netflix’s verified accounts, so it isn’t an official announcement or anything, and the origins of the info aren’t clear yet, but it’s still exciting news all the same.

Stranger Things was one of the countless TV productions that had to be put on pause for months last year thanks to the COVID-19 outbreak. We actually got our first bit of footage from the new season in February, but then in March, they had to shut up shop until the fall.

After that, shooting appeared to go smoothly and it’s believed work was completed a couple of months ago. With post-production taking some time, though, and Netflix having a busy schedule as it is, an August release window does sound feasible. Especially as ST3 performed so well when it arrived in the summer of 2019 (though it was July in that case).

If this date sticks, then, Stranger Things 4 is just a little over half a year away. And how exciting is that?