‘Stranger Things 4’ will turn Joe Keery into an action hero

Steve Harrington in Stranger Things
Image via Netflix

Stranger Things season four is on the way, returning to our gang of misfits as they once again go up against the terrifying beings of the Upside Down. Season one first aired back in 2016, with our actors looking a lot younger than they are now, transporting audiences to the fictional town of Hawkins, Indiana set in the 1980s. One of those lovable scamps was not so lovable in season one — Joe Keery’s Steve Harrington. However, he has had one of the best character arcs in the show and it looks like his evolution will continue in the next season.

Steve was somewhat of an antagonist when we first met him, sure not so evil as a Demogorgon but a bit of a brat nonetheless. In season two, he showed a much softer side as he befriended our young protagonists, protecting them and guiding them, telling Nancy, “I may be a pretty shitty boyfriend, but it turns out I’m actually a pretty damn good babysitter.”

Audiences loved his interaction with his wards, especially his relationship with Dustin, which was so wholesome that the two became one of the best parts of the following seasons. It seems he isn’t done looking out for the gang just yet as according to co-star Maya Hawke (Robin), Steve is set to become quite the action hero.

During a virtual Stranger Things set visit last year (via Screen Rant), Hawke gushed about working with Keery, praising the actor’s stunt work and action scenes.

“That stuff is really fun to watch and really fun to act in, and some of it, especially, there’s some amazing action stuff this season. Joe, especially, is such an unbelievable action hero. Like someone make that guy Indiana Jones right away. It’s really inspiring to work with someone who is so good with stunts and so good with imaginary bad guys. But it’s always the most fun to come back into the interpersonal dynamics.”

The comment suggests that the next season will be very action-heavy as the Duffer brothers build up the ante in the penultimate season of the hit show. It would appear that Steve will be up against some CGI monsters, given Hawke’s statement that he is “so good with imaginary bad guys.”

Though the recently released trailer doesn’t give us any shots of Steve in action mode, he may be battling some of the many Upside Down creatures that are set to appear in season four. The trailer does have a scene of him with ex-girlfriend Nancy as they look to be heading into the fray, perhaps even the Upside Down itself, both saying that they’ll see each other “on the other side.”

The next season will push our young heroes to trump their fear as bigger threats are on the horizon, and Steve looks like he will step up to the task, amping up his confidence in order to help out his friends and protect the ones he cares for.

Stranger Things 4 Volume 1 will air on Netflix on May 27, and Volume 2 will air on July 1.