‘Stranger Things’ creators impressed with ‘startlingly accurate’ Season 4 fan theories

Stranger Things creators the Duffer Brothers are already impressed with the sheer accuracy of fans’ theories for the upcoming fourth season of the popular Netflix series. Ever since the official trailer for the upcoming season dropped on ‘Stranger Things Day’ (Nov. 6), fans have been speculating every tidbit of information in both the trailer and smaller teasers before that. It’s been nearly three years since the third season was released, so fans have surely been pining to see what’s in store next for the residents of Hawkins.

During an episode of the Present Company With Krista Smith podcast, Ross Duffer discussed how excited he was for fans to witness the new season in May. Additionally, Ross mentioned that some theories he has seen online from fans are “startlingly accurate” despite little information that has been shared about the upcoming batch of episodes.

I think they’ll be happy when they see it. It’s very, very long, which is why it’s taking us a very long time. I’m constantly impressed with how sharp the fans are, and how quickly they’re able to put something together with very, very little information.

In that same interview, the Duffer Brothers alluded to the purposeful “horror vibe” surrounding the newest installment. While the brothers were reluctant to blatantly state which theories are accurate, one of the most attractive aspects of watching the series is guessing the fate of some characters and the lengths to which they’ll go in order to save the rest of the beloved cast.

Part one of Stranger Things season four drops on May 27, with part two to follow on July 1.