‘Stranger Things’ fans feel the time is right for someone to say ‘stranger things’ out loud

via Netflix

With one season left, fans are waiting for one thing to arise in the final season Stranger Things, and that’s for a character to actually say the phrase “stranger things.” The series is gearing up for its explosive finale, and audiences are hedging their bets that at some point the phrase will be said. In fact, they’re counting on it.

Stranger Things has featured some excellent scriptwriting, but of course, it has its corny moments. The show has been a huge love letter to the 1980s, so including some cheesy lines and gags was an absolute must. One of the cheesiest moments of the show was in season three when Dustin was forced to sing a duet of “Never Ending Story” with his long-distance girlfriend Susie, whilst everyone else was near death. So, it would be fair to say folks are on board with a little bit of cringe.

In this instance, many feel the title would be worked into the well-known idiom “stranger things have happened,” or maybe even, “I’ve seen stranger things,” which could at some point be uttered by one of the characters during the course of the final season.

The OP posted on Reddit, “if someone actually says “stranger things” in season five I’m done.”

Not sure quite how they will be done, but it led to others imaging how it could be worked into the story, with some very corny ideas thrown around.

The phrase is highly anticipated, this fan thinks it’s definitely on the way.

This user thinks that based on what the whole gang has been through, the line wouldn’t be completely out of place in the slightest.

This post imagines that Will will have his moment of glory, using the phrase as he takes on Vecna.

It seems fans are writing out scripts for how they hope the season will end, finding ways to slip it in in the cheesiest ways possible.

In both cases, fans are hoping that the loved-up couples make it out alive and get to look back on this crazy time as just a memory.

Perhaps one user has gotten Stranger Things confused with another sci-fi series…

And for some reason, the MCU is now also lending a hand.

As long as these sins aren’t committed, they’ll give it a pass.

With season five still a bit away, we will have to wait and watch to see if they finally include the titular words in before those final credits roll, but let’s hope so.