‘Stranger Things’ fans know who’s to blame for lack of LGBTQ+ content — Dumbledore

Stranger Things 4 is finally here, and while it offers up a lot of solutions to mysteries we’ve been wondering about for years, it still leaves at least one big question mark unanswered. Since the beginning of the show, fans have been calling for Will’s sexuality to be explored, as it’s often been hinted that the younger Byers boy is gay. And yet, over 30 episodes in, any talk of Will’s potential queerness remains tight-lipped. And fans think they know who’s to blame: Harry Potter‘s Albus Dumbledore.

Star Noah Schnapp recently defended the lack of Will being given a label, as he told Variety that he thinks “the beauty of it” is that it’s “up to the audience’s interpretation.” His comments didn’t exactly win many folks over, though, as this reminded people of the wishy-washy excuses the makers of the Harry Potter franchise have made over the years to defend the decision to avoid exploring the Hogwarts’ professor’s sexuality on screen, too.

Whether fairly or not, then, Albus is becoming the Stranger Things fandom’s punching bag, following a viral tweet from Twitter user @keyon.

This kind of thing all started with Dumbledore.

Don’t even try to defend yourself, Albus.

On a more general note, fans are just so tired of movie and TV shows avoiding having their characters come out as gay.

Apparently there’s only room for one gay person in Hawkins.

This Dumbledore backlash is ironic seeing as Albus’ lover, Grindelwald, is played as a young man by Jamie Campbell Bower, who just joined the Stranger Things cast this season in a key role.

While Schnapp says it’s open to interpretation, it’s all but confirmed at this point that Will isn’t straight as season four has heavily hinted that he’s secretly in love with best friend, Mike. So maybe, just maybe, the actor’s comments are a smokescreen for a coming-out to come in either the final episodes of season four or in season five.

Stranger Things 4 wraps up on July 1.

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