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‘Stranger Things’ fans question why one character got their own poster

'Stranger Things' fans wonder why Cara Buono, Karen Wheeler, got her own character poster for season four despite having limited screentime this time around.

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Stranger Things has had some fantastic marketing. From brilliant billboards to tantalizing trailers, the latest season was well-hyped as fans sat on the edge of their seats waiting for it to land on Netflix. One of the more traditional marketing aspects of the series were the time-honoured character posters, but some fans are wondering why this particular character got her own poster.

Indeed, the character didn’t have a lot to do this season, rarely appearing for long periods of time or progressing the story in any way. She simply seemed to be reactionary and didn’t even speak up to defend her son after Jason accused his club of satanic rituals. It is certainly confusing when a more prominent character, Tom Wlaschiha’s Dimitri “Enzo” Antonov, didn’t receive one despite having quite a bit of screentime.

Fans seem to think that the only reason she has her own poster is thanks to the actress having a fantastic agent.

One user guessed that perhaps she initially had more scenes that were left on the editing floor, so the poster was done to reflect that but now feels a tad unnecessary.

The promotional work was most likely done before the final edit.

Some think that due to her little storyline with Billy in the last season, she would have been given a poster and simply worked it into her contract for this season as well.

Out of all the parent characters, she does seem to be the most suspicious of all of them, and some fans think she may know more than she is letting on. Perhaps we will see more in the final season.

Fans want to see more of her being a great mum, and hopefully she can support her kids just a little more in the lead up to the final battle next season.

It could be down to any of these reasons, perhaps a great agent, a pre-agreed contract, more screen time that was cut in editing, or an even more involved role in the final season. Whatever the reason, the artwork looks great and the actress, Cara Buono, is probably thrilled with it.

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