‘Stranger Things’ fans share their incredibly specific requests for season 5

The cast of ‘Stranger Things’ look nervously skyward outside Hopper’s cabin
Image via Netflix

With Stranger Things 4 concluding in July, and with work on the following and final season yet to begin, fans have a long time to kill before we make a return trip to Hawkins, Indiana. So, honorary members of the Hellfire Club are using this downtime to discuss what they want to see from season five — not just the general vibes, but the incredibly, often strangely, specific requests they need to happen before the series calls it a day.

Redditor CoimbraJedi got the ball rolling by voicing their interest in seeing Nancy and Hopper team up to battle a demogorgon. The r/StrangerThings Reddit community joined in the game in the replies, and came up with some doozies.

Vecna being defeated by a slingshot would be an oddly satisfying way to end the show.

We can already picture this scene and it is perfect.

The Duffer brothers had better be reading these.

Please, for the love of God, Netflix, let Will get a haircut.

After he gets a haircut, though.

’80s hair enthusiasts, know that you’re not alone.

“I Need a Hero” in Stranger Things 5 is a must.

But surely the request we can all agree on this one… For the whole gang to actually stay together for a significant stretch of time. Just don’t keep them apart until the last five minutes of the finale, Duffers, that’s all we ask.

All these requests remind us of the huge pressure the Stranger Things team are under to stick the landing with season five, as the internet will truly lose it if we end up having another Game of Thrones season eight on our hands. We can only hope that the final run, which will probably be another super-sized season, much like the last one, will find time to tick off as much of what the fans want to see as possible.