The World Turns Upside Down In Final Trailer For Stranger Things Season 2


You didn’t think Netflix was going to let New Mutants have all the fun now, did you? To celebrate Friday the 13th and the oncoming Halloween season, the streaming service has lifted the curtain on the spooky new trailer for Stranger Things season 2.

Opening with a shot of a barren forest cloaked in snow – yes, that forest – season 2’s final trailer wastes no time in heralding the return of Eleven, Millie Bobby Brown’s fan-favorite who was last seen confronting the Demogorgon in order to save Mike and the gang from a grisly fate. Or worse, being hauled into the Upside Down.

By the looks of things, that nightmarish realm has spat out a whole new and equally terrifying being known as the Shadow Monster (Thessalhydra?), which looms over Hawkins like a giant, tendrilled beast. And it’s not just a product of Will Byers’ PTSD, as Chief Jim Hopper (Hellboy‘s David Harbour) warns, this is really happening, only this time, it’s spreading.

It’s not quite on the level of Netflix’s SDCC trailer for Stranger Things season 2, which was set against a reworked version of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller,” but this is a tantalizing teaser nonetheless. If you pay close attention, you’ll also hear that instantly recognizable soundtrack, which drew praise last summer as a synthetic throwback to the ’80s. And that’s something that can really be said about Stranger Things in general.

Bust out the Eggos and get ready for a return trip to Hawkins, for the world is about to turn Upside Down on October 27th. Season 2 of Stranger Things will also stretch a little longer than usual, given Netflix ordered nine episodes over the original batch of eight. But you needn’t worry about Matt and Ross Duffer’s nostalgic hit overstaying its welcome; the show’s co-creators are planning a four-to-five season arc for the haunted residents of Hawkins, Indiana.