Is Stranger Things Season 2 Premiering In September?


UPDATE: The new trailer has been released (see above) and reveals the premiere date as Halloween.

Viral marketing. Some love it, while others could care less about it. It’s becoming more and more popular though and not only with films. Television shows are also starting to adopt the approach and it looks like Netflix’s Stranger Things is the latest one to jump on the wagon. With promotion about to kick into high gear – thanks to an upcoming Super Bowl spot – the streaming service has now begun the viral campaign, and it’s revealed something very interesting.

Yesterday, we got our first photo from the show’s upcoming second season, but we’re still left without a premiere date. There’ve been rumblings, of course, but Netflix has yet to confirm when exactly we can expect the series to return. However, if the latest piece of viral marketing is to be believed, it sounds like Stranger Things will be back on our screens this September.

How do we know this? Well, it’s certainly a stretch, but fans think they’ve cracked the code on this mysterious Tweet that was sent out earlier today:

Looks pretty innocent, and bizarre, right? That’s how it usually goes with these things. Until you start to look closer, of course. Now, this may seem like we’re reaching, but stick with us, as it appears to be the most popular theory on the web at the moment. And honestly, we’re inclined to believe it.

If you subtract the low temperature from the high temperature on Friday and Saturday you’re left with 9 and 8, right? Now, look at Sunday. The two 11s, when subtracted, give us 0. Following that, we’re left with the barometric pressure, which when you subtract the numbers, you get 17. That leaves you with 9-8-17. Or, September 8th, 2017 aka the premiere date for season 2.

We know, it’s pretty out there. But again, viral marketing is often like this and a September release certainly sounds plausible. With any luck, we’ll find out for sure when the first trailer airs during the Super Bowl, but for now, we wouldn’t bet against a fall premiere for Stranger Things.